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Welcome to Anything But Cabernet!   OK, we admit it:  We do love Cabernet Sauvignon.  BUT, it already gets all the airplay it needs.  Right?

Anything But Cabernet  is a tongue & cheek, purposely fun place to talk about all things wine,  but with an emphasis on a range of red varietals.  

AnythingButCabernet.com has a growing collection of articles and resources. We have also partnered with Amazon.com and Wine.com to bring to our readers what we think is best of class wine stuff.  Our resource section features bottles that you'll certainly enjoy, and the Amazon ABC Best of Class Shoppe includes sweet deals on Riedel glassware, Chateau Laguiole, and also great wine books we've enjoyed.  We also have a bulletin board for your comments & recent reviews.   Visit our Wine Articles section for great advice, or look through our Wine Resources section for extended information.

We also have built-in a daily Wine News update. Scroll down to the bottom of this page every day for a one-stop snapshot of what is going on today in the wine world. 

Newest Wine Articles Vault Article. Wine Tasting - Five Tips for Wine Tasting Room Etiquette
Newest Wine Articles Vault Article. First time wine tasters may be a little confused when first entering the tasting room. While wine tastings should be a casual affair, there is a set of rules to follow. Read the five tips below carefully t...
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Wine Strategy #1 Where To Begin

Knowing where to start is a big hurdle for many people.  Wine is a pretty overwhelming topic.  Just recall your first trip into a large scale wine store.   Signs evreywhere. Bottles groupe...

By: Darin Szilagyi

Sonoma California Wine Tours For Zinfandel Lovers

When it comes to Zinfandel, Americans are just plain crazy about both the red and white versions, making it the third most crushed grape varietal in the U.S., right behind Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardo...

By: Jim Hunter

Under the Tent at the Naples Winter Wine Festival

A career in hospitality and marketing has taught me, if nothing else, the importance of value and listening to your customer. In my semi-retired role, I write about wine with a decided focus on value even though I constantly ...

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Updated Wine Related News:

This award-winning 8 Morrisons white wine is second only to one costing 368 more

A bottle of white wine from Morrisons costing less than a tenner has been named as one of the best in the world, even rivalling those with three-figure price tags.

18 leaders of North Coast independent wineries

Get unlimited access to SonomaNews.com, the Sonoma Index-Tribune eEdition and our mobile app for just $5.25 per month! Get unlimited access to SonomaNews.com, the Sonoma Index-Tribune eEdition and ...

20 awesome wines for every type of summer barbecue

Each style, from vinegary Carolina to smoky Texas to dry-rub Memphis and grilled, sauced St. Louis, has legions of loyal fans. When it comes to washing it all down, icy cold beer is a natural partn...

Monmouthshire - the wine making capital of Wales

VINEYARDS in Monmouthshire produce the highest quantities of wine in Wales with numbers expected to rise over the next few years. Robb Merchant, of Abergavenny's White Castle Vineyard, revealed...

New French wines make world debut in Huntsville

This weekend, Huntsville-area wine enthusiasts will be among the first in the world to taste three new French wines. How is it that Huntsville wine drinkers have the privilege of such a debut? It h...

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