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Welcome to Anything But Cabernet!   OK, we admit it:  We do love Cabernet Sauvignon.  BUT, it already gets all the airplay it needs.  Right?

Anything But Cabernet  is a tongue & cheek, purposely fun place to talk about all things wine,  but with an emphasis on a range of red varietals.  

AnythingButCabernet.com has a growing collection of articles and resources. We have also partnered with Amazon.com and Wine.com to bring to our readers what we think is best of class wine stuff.  Our resource section features bottles that you'll certainly enjoy, and the Amazon ABC Best of Class Shoppe includes sweet deals on Riedel glassware, Chateau Laguiole, and also great wine books we've enjoyed.  We also have a bulletin board for your comments & recent reviews.   Visit our Wine Articles section for great advice, or look through our Wine Resources section for extended information.

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Newest Wine Articles Vault Article. Wine Tasting - Five Tips for Wine Tasting Room Etiquette
Newest Wine Articles Vault Article. First time wine tasters may be a little confused when first entering the tasting room. While wine tastings should be a casual affair, there is a set of rules to follow. Read the five tips below carefully t...
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7 Obvious reasons Stemless Wine Glasses are worth their weight in gold!

The wine glass seems to spark up so much debate amongst wine-lovers and connoisseurs alike. Is the flavour influenced more by glass or crystal? Which shape glass is best for which bouquet? How good is the swirl action? D...

By: Clint Sowrary

California’s Other Cabernet - Cabernet Franc

Cabernet Sauvignon, with apologies to Pinot Noir, is arguably the world’s most distinguished red wine grape. It’s the principal red grape of Bordeaux and the sine qua non of the extravagant new SuperTuscans. It&rs...

By: Alan Boehmer

Wine & Movies

Versatile. Splendid. Classy. Comical. Ghastly. Alluring. Wines play a significant role in movies. They are cast with either good-guy or bad-guy roles. Take for instance movies like James Bond, Casablanca, the Silence of the L...

By: Rae Phillips

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Sneak peek: Wok and Wines in Disney Springs

Have you ever heard of soy caviar? I hadn't until I watched Morimoto Asia executive chef Yuhi Fujinaga create these tiny "bubbles" of a soy mixture. It's part of just one of the dishes ...

Anson: Wines to drink in Corsica - 'Land of legends and magic'

Jane Anson explores Corsica's native grape varieties with the help of local winery owner Jean-Charles Abbatucci and finds the islands is one of the most exciting places to drink wine in France....

iDealwine update: a Rhone star

While RomanA©e-Conti and Petrus dominated the overall iDealwine auction rankings in 2016, the most expensive single bottle was an Hermitage La Chapelle. Investors would do well to take a close...

Little Vine adds two more wines to product line

A Villa Rica vineyard last week treated 150 tourism industry professionals at the Georgia Association of Convention & Visitors Bureau with samples of their award-winning wines. Owners Jerry Cul...

a Diy Honeymoon for Wine Lovers in Spain's Rioja Region

For honeymooners looking to get off the beaten path in Spain, Rioja offers plenty of opportunities to get lost in Spanish culture as well as sip and savor , all without the crowds of Spain'...

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