7 Obvious reasons Stemless Wine Glasses are worth their weight in gold!

By: Clint Sowrary

The wine glass seems to spark up so much debate amongst wine-lovers and connoisseurs alike. Is the flavour influenced more by glass or crystal? Which shape glass is best for which bouquet? How good is the swirl action? Does width or height affect the nose? Do they have stems or are they stemless? I have seen so many ‘would-be connoisseurs' trying to impose their views about what is right and what is ‘unequivocally wrong' and quite frankly, who are we to say what is right or wrong? Every single person out there has a different set of taste buds, a unique sense of smell and an individual sense of choice!

Some of us are, and always be, traditional and conservative about our choices in life, but evolution is such that it is almost impossible not to be exposed to modernisation in these times. One such development is the idea of enjoying your favourite wines out of stemless wine glasses. BOY does this topic seem to get those know-it-alls' tongues wagging!

Stemless wine glasses are becoming so popular that it has become quite ‘en-vogue' to keep a set or two in the glass cabinet. Casual dining restaurants up and down the country are finding out that their coffers are a little less strained by using stemless glasses, and are enjoying that little extra profit added to their bottom-line. It's not just businesses that are finding benefit in using these glasses, but families also love the extra dollars they are saving each year with the stemless wine glass.

We took a good look at the pros and cons of the stemless variety and the results were quite conclusive;

1. How many times have you accidently knocked over your conventional glass? Designed with a flat base and no awkward stem, makes the stemless variety a pretty stable vessel. The lower centre of gravity is a key factor in avoiding mishaps.

2. Isn't it irritating to that your glasses are too tall for your shelves?
Being half the height, the stemless glass fits like a dream into any cupboard and takes up way less space

3. Do you ever risk taking your stems away from home?
Because of the size and versatility of stemless wine glasses, they can be taken anywhere without worry of breaking. Govino have also developed a revolutionary, flexible plastic stemless vessel made from recyclable materials

4. But aren't only normal glasses designed for specific wines?
Well actually the stemless wine glass is manufactured in the same styles as the traditional glass; Burgundy or Bordeaux, sauvignon blanc or chardonnay

5. Do you avoid chucking your glasses in the dishwasher?
Once again no problem with stemless wine glasses which fit perfectly and are dishwasher safe

6. Do you ever spill when swirling in conventional glasses?
A stemless glass fits comfortably into the palm of the hand for more control when swirling

7. Don't you just want to be different sometimes?
There is nothing like a stemless glass to give your party a chic edge – the modernity of these vessels is just very cool

The bottom line is that investing in a good set of stemless wine glasses will not only make your life a little easier in terms of cutting out spillage and breakage risks, but it will save you money on replacement and cleanup costs in the future too!

The naysayers certainly make their points about traditional wine glasses being the only choice for ‘real' wine lovers, but why can't both types of glasses co-exist as equals. This is a new, modern world and keeping up with change is a positive thing.

Visit The Stemless Wine Glass site to grab your set today.

About the Author:

I have been involved in sales & marketing for 16 years and I write on a variety of subjects online. I am a wine lover, sports enthusiast, techno-fanatic, fashion nut and am very competitive in everything I do.

I love to see people happy & strive to realise this in all my dealings in life. I believe that the catalyst for success in this life is to have the belief in yourself be that extraordinary person people wish they were.

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