Bordeaux 2010 Is Shaping Up to Be As Good As 2009


Bordeaux 2010 Is Shaping Up to Be As Good As 2009

<p>Bordeaux has had a number of excellent vintages in the past decade.  2000 was an incredible vintage year for the region, and 2005 turned out to be one of the best vintage years in the region's history.  2009 was perhaps the single best year for the region, and Bordeaux wines started to bring in record breaking prices.  With all of this in mind, every eye has been on the region in 2010, and every ear is waiting to hear what this year's vintage will bring.  Thus far, the 2010 vintage is looking like it may actually top 2009.<br /><br />The excitement for the 2010 Bordeaux vintage is not quite at the same level as 2009, but this is likely more about worry of putting the horse in front of the cart and proclaiming the wine to be better than the best year ever in the region before the season is done.  For some, there was even hope for a more lackluster year to bring prices back down out of fear that people will just not be willing or able to pay the 2009 Bordeaux prices a second year in a row.<br /><br />The 2010 vintage thus far really is shaping up to beat 2009.  The levels in this year's wines are actually higher than the 2009, with sugars, anthocyanins, and tannins all at record levels.  The ripeness and acidity is excellent this year as well, and everything seems on pace to break new records for quality.  With China and Hong Kong entering the wine market, this may even mean that Bordeaux 2010 will be able to shatter price records set by the 2009 vintage.  As to whether or not this will be good for the region as a whole, it remains to be seen.<br /><br />In short, the 2010 vintage itself is definitely set to break records and possibly even to go on the record as the best vintage year the region has seen thus far.  This is remarkable, given the high praise awarded to the 2009 vintage.  Of course, the impact of the vintage quality on prices in a year where many just spent big money buying the last will remain to be seen.  Many winemakers are hoping that pricing for this year's vintage is a bit friendlier in order to stimulate sales, but only time will tell what is in store for a vintage that may well be the best of its kind.<br /></p><p>   

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