Canberra Wines and Wineries

By: Jerry Wiser

Canberra wines and wineries are fast acquiring a name as being some of the best wines across the world. Although, Australian wine production is still a relatively new phenomenon compared to other parts of the world, however the quality of wines is up there with the best. What sets Canberra wines apart from other wine -producing regions of Australia is the fact that it provides an ideal environment for certain strains of grape, such as the Riesling variety.

The Riesling strain of grapes is originally a German variety of white
wine grape but has now become a mainstay of the Canberra grape growing regions.

Shaw Vineyard Estate was set up in 1998 on "Olleyville", a seven hundred acre fine wool producing property established in the mid 1800's. This historic property is located in Murrumbateman along the Barton Highway between Canberra and Yass. Shaw Vineyard Estate is a family owned and operated business, with the vineyard being developed under a community title investment and subscribed to by outside growers with the Shaw family holding the majority of the community lots.

The property's elevation at around 640 metres above sea level is higher than most other vineyards in the Murrumbateman area. The high elevation and sloping profile of the land helps mitigate against potential frost damage by allowing good air drainage over the property. The property has approximately 85 acres under vines, varieties of which are Riesling, Semillon, Merlot,
Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz. Wines produced from Shaw Vineyard Estate grapes have already won 7 Trophies and several Gold, Silver and Bronze throughout various wine shows across Australia and Internationally.

The Canberra region is especially renowned for its Riesling, and Cabernet Sauvignon. For more information about how to order Shaw vineyards wines, visiting Shaw vineyards, getting to Shaw vineyards and so on, please visit our website at


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Jerry is a wine enthusiast and has been studying wines for many years now. All through his professional life as a banker he kept his love for wines alive by knowing about them and now writes articles to inform people about wines and vineyards in Australia.

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