Cheap Wine Glasses: Living up With its Expensive Counterparts

By: Markus Sanarko

For wine connoisseurs; the form, the look and the feel of each wine glass provide a distinct taste and aroma to each and every type of wines. However, it is also a known fact that most of these high-standard "wine expert's" pick are also relatively high in price. Some sets even cost as much as $500 or about $50 a piece. With this, most simple wine aficionados and cocktail party-lovers are left with no choice but to settle for cheap wine glasses sold at specialty stores, department stores or wine merchants in their area.

Using cheap wine glasses would not mean that consumers can not enjoy the wine and the party as much as those who use expensive wine glasses. There are several cheap wine glasses that are commercially available that looks and feel like that of Riedel's without the costly price tag. The secret is actually in careful scrutiny of the product prior to purchasing.

What are the things that you have to look out for? First, check the weight of the wine glass. It should not be as light as a paper since lightweight glasses can easily get toppled. Second, check the form. Malformations, air bubbles inside the stem or the bowl itself definitely means poor quality. Third, if you want to experience wine-drinking ala connoisseur then you can opt for wider bowls if you often drink red wine, narrower bowls for white wine and a flute glass for sparkling wine or champagne. Fourth, you can also take into consideration the color of the wine glass if aesthetic appeal is an issue. Lastly, check the glass lips or rim. It should not be paper-thin to avoid accidents.

With all these taken into consideration you are assured that the cheap wine glasses that you have chosen are bought can compete with the high-priced wine glasses used in fine dining restaurants and posh events.

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