Meet The Unique Personalities Of Pinot Grigio And Roussanne Grapes

By: David Scott

Pinot Grigio grapes and Roussanne grapes are two of the most common grape varieties used to produce white wines.  Over the past three decades, white wines have achieved outstanding developments and were able to match the quality and personality of fine red wines.  Among different grape varieties, Roussanne is highly favored by wine connoisseurs because of its vibrant taste and flavors.  However, you can not discount the value of Pinot Grigio which is considered by many as a wine that has its roots in the classical middle ages.

Roussanne grapes produce complex white wines.  Most people can not describe the sensations they experience when drinking a fine bottled Roussanne.  This wine has a tricky personality.  It gives rich minerality and acidity and possesses a broad range of subdued fruity flavors.  In other words, Roussanne grapes have everything you want from a white wine.  The overwhelming sense of flavors will make it difficult for you to pin down the right taste to describe a vintage Roussanne.  Unfortunately, such quality may not be suitable for some people who love wines that have distinct flavor structure.  But for most wine experts, the vivacious personality of a Roussanne makes this white wine very attractive and compelling.

Roussanne grapes have the ability to age for very long periods.  In some instances, you can hold on to your Roussanne for as long as thirty years so you can be rewarded with a honey flavored white wine that has superior viscosity.  This unique trait will make a Roussanne white wine at par with vintage fine champagne.  Of course, not everyone would be keen in waiting for thirty years to enjoy a bottle of exquisite vintage wine.  There are so many bottled brands today especially those coming directly from France that will give you the grand taste of vintage Roussanne.  This type of white wine is perfect with seafood dishes, oysters, grilled fruits, and lighter meat.

Pinot Grigio grapes have a different story.  Some connoisseurs and experts often have a low regard for Pinot Grigio wine.  This is due to the fact that Pinot Grigio grapes are used to produce mass-marketed white wines.  However, you have to take note that a Pinot Grigio, especially those originating from Alsace France, could age well and possesses an exquisite and complex vintage taste.  Pinot Grigio grapes have higher sugar content so the fermented finished products may have a distinct sweet flavor with high levels of alcohol.  This type of white wine has a floral and sometimes fruity aroma.  For varieties grown in the vineyards of California, the wine could have a slight spicy flavor with crisp taste and lighter body.

Pinot Grigio and Roussanne are best for white meats such as chicken, turkey, and other poultry.  They are also perfect for white meat fish, salmon, shrimp, oysters, and other sea foods.  Just remember that white wines may not go well with spicy and heavily flavored foods.  To get the most delightful result, make sure that the flavor of the main course will not overpower the sweet and fruity taste of Pinot Grigio and Roussanne white wines.

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