Top Tips for Wine Storage

By: Steve Manik |

These days, people have started consuming a lot of wine. The reason is that today, people are aware of the health benefits of drinking wine. A good amount of money is spend on wine consumption. However, the main difficulty most people face after purchasing wine is the storage of wine. People tend to spend a lot of money on purchasing wine but after some time, they feel that they have almost wasted their money. The reason is that the wine does not taste the same after some time. Now, this is because these people do not have any clue about how to store wine properly. Proper wine storage is very important for providing longevity to wine and also to enhance its’ taste while maintaining the quality.

There are several factors you need to take into consideration when it comes to storing wine. These factors include the temperature, lighting, vibration, humidity, angle of the bottle and cleanliness of the place where the wine is stored.

Let us discuss about these factors in detail.

a) Temperature:
Temperature plays a significant role in storage of wine. You need to keep the wine in ideal temperature to maintain its’ quality. The ideal temperature for wine storage is between 50 and 45 degrees Fahrenheit. If the temperature lowers, the aging process of wine is delayed. This does not mean that wine is unable to bear the slightest fluctuation in temperature. However, it means that functions can be accepted only if the temperature experiences a drastic change. Here you don’t require to worry much as the wine can be easily stored at 63 degrees as compared to the 55 degrees. This will not affect the quality and taste of the wine. Slow function in temperature is accepted. However any temperature higher against the required temperature will expedite the process of aging.
b) Humidity:
About seventy percent of humidity in a wine storage unit is acceptable. This amount is considered to be ideal for proper storage of wine. However, if this amount of humidity gets higher or lower, then about ten to fifteen percent from this level is acceptable but not more or less than that. The presence humidity at a wine storage unit is an important factor to consider. If the humidity is more at a wine storage facility, then it will affect the label of the wine. More than 80 percent of humidity will rot or mold the label. This in turn will affect the value of the wine bottle. In case, the place gets too dry. Much as below fifty percent, then there is a risk of cork drying out. This will result in the shrinkage of cork; thereby expediting the oxidation process and destruction of wine.
c) Bottle angle:
You should store the bottle at horizontal angle. This will prevent the cork from drying out.
d) Lighting:
Light affects the wine in big way. You can end up causing the wine to age before the actual time and ruining it.
e) Vibration:
Don’t store wine on top of electric equipments or places with vibration.
f) Cleanliness:
Don’t store your wine in a place with poor ventilation, dirt or grime.

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